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Book-Progress Update: Pre-orders!

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, the wheels of the publishing machine sometimes move slowly. But, like a railroad locomotive, once they begin rolling, look out!

Last week at this time, I wrote that I had received from my publisher the galley of my book Combat! to proof. Knowing that the release date had already been set for February 7, I dropped everything and hopped on that task, returning my corrections the following Monday.

On Wednesday of this week, I received those changes to proof, and I got my corrections (very few, I must add, because my publishing crew had done such a good job with the changes I had originally indicated) back to them the next morning.

Before I could even begin those last few changes, however, the publisher was back with the final cover, the sell sheet, links for pre-ordering, etc. So things are coming together! Quickly! And people have already begun placing orders. That’s always a good sign!

You can place a pre-order either directly with the publisher, TouchPoint Press (see QR code), or at One caveat: only the e-book is currently available from Amazon; the paperback will be available there on the release date (February 7). Both versions are available, however, at the TouchPoint online bookstore. The prices for the e-version are the same at both sites.

Should you decide to purchase a copy for yourself or someone else, I’d be forever grateful. Even if you don’t, I’d appreciate your spreading the word about the book’s availability among your friends and acquaintances who might be interested in it. And may the Lord get the glory for whatever results come from this work.

As excited as I am with the progress on my book, I know that I can’t rest on my laurels. I must now get busy on the next project! As Ecclesiastes 12:12 says, “. . . of making many books there is no end. . . .”

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