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To Answer Your Question, First I. . . .

In this initial installment, I want simply to reveal the individual steps I took in the publication of my books. (Bear in mind that I am addressing only nonfiction works, although fiction submissions will often involve similar steps.) Then, in subsequent installments, I hope to deal with each step separately. Those steps are as follow:

  1. Getting the idea

  2. Doing the research

  3. Outlining the manuscript

  4. Writing the first draft

  5. Editing and revising and revising and. . . . (You get the picture?)

  6. Researching the markets

  7. Pitching the book (to publishers, not the trash can!)

  8. Marketing the published book

  9. Getting on with other projects

That’s where we’ll be going with this series. As we go through the steps, I hope you’ll share your insights, especially if you’ve had a book of your own published, using the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!

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