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Combat! Lessons on Spiritual Warfare from Military History

Published 2020

Practical principles, with illustrations from military history, for winning spiritual battles and living a victorious Christian life

In the Christian life, one fact is crystal clear: we are at war. It involves every Christian—and collectively the entire Church—and it is a holy war. It does not involve physical combat; it is against spiritual enemies. It is a hard-fought war, demanding everything a believer has and is. But it is also a war that has already been won, for the battle is the Lord’s, and He long ago determined the outcome. But to do their part in this war, individual believers must engage the spiritual enemies with the weapons and equipment with which God has endowed them. And we must defeat the enemy using the organization that God has provided. We must follow His command-and-control system, get our necessary supplies using the logistical system He has provided, employ His intelligence network that reveals the enemy’s methods, and follow the strategy and tactics that Jesus Christ, our Commander-in-Chief, has determined for our combat. If we do, we will live victorious and joyous lives, fulfilling our God-given purpose in this life. We can learn about all of this through God’s Word, but His truths are also illustrated through the events that have occurred in human military history. This book uses both, surveying the military history of Israel from Abram’s operation to rescue Lot through the fall of Jerusalem and examining our spiritual warfare in the light of military history and modern military organization.

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