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Resources for Writers

A Funny Thing Happened

I gained a vital lesson that day: no matter how well prepared, well-dressed, or well-coiffed one might be, never go into an interview chewing gum!

Published in Christian Communicator, May-June 2016

The Beloved Country

“Go back to your people,” Davidson said. “Go back and write of them. Don’t change and follow the moods of these times. Be your honest self. Go back and write of your country. Your country has your material.”

Published in The Writer, April 2016

The On-Purpose Writer

The keys to successful writing are twofold: discovering our purpose and being on-purpose in everything we do. Discovering and being must be intentional. If we are to be successful, they cannot be accidental, incidental, or occasional.

Published in Writers Weekly, Feb. 1, 2019

Too Many Irons in the Fire

List several writing projects you’ve dreamed of doing. Begin them. Don’t feel compelled to finish them all now. Just start. Get those irons in the fire so the next time you experience a delay, you can retrieve one of those irons and remain productive. You’ll be amazed by your increased productivity and success.

Published in Writer's Weekly, April 11, 2019 

Wielding Your Blue Pencil

By following seven steps in editing yourself, you’re not likely to be heavily edited by editors and are likely to get your work published.

Published in The Writer, Nov. 1992

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