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Resources for Parents

Hands Off or Helicopter

Even before their first child enters school, but especially after that momentous occasion, parents reveal their true parenting style. They show themselves to be either strictly hands-off, letting the child learn hard lessons through experience without any parental interference, or helicopter style, constantly hovering over the child to help him succeed and prevent his being harmed.

Published in Parent Update, Spring 2020

Know Your Child

Individuals are fundamentally different. They have different interests, different strengths and weaknesses, different ways of doing things, and different approaches to and outlooks on life. Is it any wonder, then, that children also have different ways of learning?

Published in Parent Update, Jan. 2019

Teaching Respect and Responsibility

Respect is a rare trait today. Another rarity is responsibility. The shortage of these qualities is now the societal norm. When present, especially in a young person, they stand out in vivid relief.

Published in Parent Update, Fall-Winter 2019

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