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Resources for Spiritual Growth

Consider the Ant

The next time you see an ant, don’t be so quick to squash it. Rather, take some time to watch and study it—and then learn from it. As Solomon advised, “Go to the ant . . .; consider her ways and be wise” (Pro. 6:6).

Published in Junior Trails, June 5, 1994

Spiritual Anorexia Nervosa

Prayerful study of the Word and obedience to it will keep us from becoming victims of spiritual anorexia nervosa. Only then can we become channels to offer help to others, leading them to a knowledge of the Great Physician.

Published in Good News Broadcaster, March 1985; and numerous other publications

The Magic of a Name

What’s the magic of a name? There is no magic. But a name can be very powerful—either for good or for bad. If you claim to be a Christian, wherever you are and wherever you go, remember who you are. Act, talk, and think in such a way as to bring honor to your “family name”—Christian.

Published in Straight, May 2, 1999

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