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Porch Sitting: A Vanishing Art

Something important has all but disappeared from our society. It’s a skill—no, an art, a way of life. I’m referring to the practice of porch-sitting.

Published in Country Extra, March 2016

The She Bear and the Sugar Bowl

A frantic flutter of wings startled me on a quiet early morning at Smokemont Campground on the North Carolina side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Something in the undergrowth had startled the birds. The noise sent a chill through my own chest. I turned toward where the birds had come from just as a large black she-bear padded slowly onto the road behind me. She held her nose high, sniffing the air.

Published in Smoky Mountain Trails, July 1992, and other publications

Shed a Little Light on the Dark Corner

The story of the Dark Corner remains intriguing. Its tales still abound in the local folklore. Visitors still come to see what the mystery is all about. And they discover, as Campbell puts it, “the gem that is the Dark Corner.”

Published in Smoky Mountain Living, Dec.-Jan. 2018-2019

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