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An Article Finally Sees Daylight!

Things notoriously often move slowly in the publishing world.

Quite some time ago, I queried an editor with an article idea I had. I was given the go-ahead to do the article. I worked for several weeks researching and writing the article and then additional weeks making trips to the subject sites to obtain usable photos to accompany the article. I submitted the completed manuscript and waited.

More than two years (and two editors later, with a baby–the editor’s, not mine, sandwiched between them), the article finally was published. While serving as one of two docents on duty at a local historical society museum, the subject of my writing came up in our conversation. A copy of the publication which I had submitted the long-delayed article happened to be lying on the table between us, and I tapped on the cover as I mentioned that one of my articles was scheduled to appear in the next issue. My fellow docent took a photo of the magazine and said, “I’ll have to check this out and read your article.” Later that day, she e-mailed me a photo of the cover of the latest issue, which she had just found in a local supermarket.

So, fellow struggling writers, don’t lose hope! Persevere! Keep waiting. Your work, like mine, may soon see the light of day!

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