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Best Books on Little-Known Aspects of the War

Practically everyone with even a little interest in the War Between the States has read about the decisive battles, the great generals, the "big picture" of the movements of armies across the landscape. But many other topics about the period get little notice.

In my studies of that period of history, I became interested in such "lost" information. I say "lost" not in the sense that someone couldn't find it but in the sense that it is too often overlooked amid the other "stuff." My first traditionally published book, one about the civilian government of the Confederacy, was the result of my efforts to learn more about a topic that had received comparatively little attention. (Until my book was released, the most recent book on the subject had been written more than 70 years ago!)

Another aspect of the period that has received little notice is the religious work in the armies of the Confederacy. My curiosity about that subject led to my most recent book, Christ in Camp and Combat. (Both of my books are available on Amazon. Just search under "Books" for "Dennis L. Peterson.")

But those two books only scratch the surface of those two topics. And there are many more such oft-ignored or overlooked aspects of the period that deserve attention. I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the top five books on some of those aspects of the Confederate period. You might find them to be of interest. They certainly will prove informative.

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