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Book Progress Update

The wheels of the publishing machine often turn slowly, especially when an author is awaiting an editor’s response to a submission or the release of his or her book.

I recall, as though it were only yesterday, a time when one submitted everything (queries, articles, book manuscripts, etc.) by snail mail and then waited for what seemed interminable lengths for a response to arrive via the same method. That wait was nerve-wracking at best and did absolutely nothing to decrease my impatience. As the saying goes, “A watched pot never boils.”

With the advent of the computer, the internet, and near-instant communication via e-mail and text messaging, one would think that writers everywhere would now be calm and wracked-nerveless. Not so. The waiting is still as bad as ever, perhaps even worse, having the knowledge of how fast things could by moving if only. . . .

But the wheels of the publishing machine do turn, even if their movements are almost imperceptible to the naked eye or the waiting author. I have proof of that fact.

Two days ago, I learned that my editor has released the manuscript of my book Combat! Spiritual Lessons from Military History to enter the next stage of the publishing process. In her cover letter to the publisher, she declared the manuscript to be “in immaculate condition,” this added to her earlier assessment of it as “pristine.” If I understand the process correctly, the book will soon be assigned a release date. When that happens, I’ll share it.

Meanwhile, the TouchPoint Art Department apparently is working on the cover design, which I should receive for approval soon, and the layout of galley proofs will begin. Once I receive the proofs, I’ll have 7-10 days in which to go over them with the proverbial fine-toothed comb to identify any last-minute errors. (If it is, indeed, “pristine” and “immaculate,” as the editor avers, my job should be easy, right? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 38 years of writing for publication, ain’t nothing easy about that! It’s a tedious but critical task. And if I fail to catch any mistake, multiple readers are sure to do so, and they’ll let me know!)

My hope and prayer is that, once the book is released, readers will be as generous with their purchases of and praises for the book as my editor has been! Until then, I wait. And wait. And wait. I’ve learned not to hold my breath. After all, the publishing world creeps along at its own mysterious pace, and while I wait I must also work. I have other irons in the fire! Such busyness helps the waiting go better.

Stay tuned.

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