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Decisions, Decisions

For several years, I had read various comments and articles about and notices and advertisements for the Write2Ignite Christian writers’ conference. They had generated enough interest that I determined that some day I would attend that conference.

But every year the conference was scheduled, I always had some other pressing commitment and could not attend. Until this year. My slate was clean. Nothing was pressing. Nothing was in the way to prevent my going. To top it off, if I registered early enough, I could get a substantial discount. And then the icing on the cake: I would be able to display and sell my published books. How could I not attend? So I registered, paid the fee, blocked out those two days on my calendar, and began to prepare myself mentally for a time of encouragement and learning.

And then the call came. The daughter who lives the farthest from us in Michigan, the daughter who has the largest contingent of our grandchildren, called to say that they would be making a quick trip to the area for a wedding, and they would be visiting us. During the Write2Ignite conference.

But I had already made the plans. I had already saved for the conference. I had already paid the price. I began calculating the pros and cons of the question. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or the twice-a-year-at-most family reunion? Which would it be?

The day of the conference has arrived. The clock is clicking down the hours and minutes before the start of the conference.

I’ll be attending the conference. For the price I’m paying, it had better be worth it! We’ll see. But I’m entering it with the prayer and expectation that it will prove productive. Meeting other authors. Hearing experts in their various fields of writing and marketing (and boy, do I ever need help with the latter topic!). Conferring with agents and publishers.

Those are the things I’m trying to focus on today and tomorrow. The grandkids and what they’re doing and what I’m missing will, undoubtedly be on my mind, but I’ll try to stay focused and come back home with something that will boost my writing abilities. At least that’s my prayer. The Lord’s will be done!

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