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Just the Little Things

In my last post, I recounted how I got sidetracked while searching for a particular poem, and I ended up sharing some thought-provoking tidbits from a 1920s salesmanship paper instead. Well, today I am sharing that poem–before I get sidetracked and lured down yet another rabbit trail.

Oh, it’s just the little homely things, The unobtrusive, friendly things, The “won’t-you-let-me-help-you” things That make our pathway light. And it’s just the jolly, joking things, The “never-mind-the-trouble” things The “laugh-with-me-it’s-funny” things That make the world seem bright. For all the countless famous things, The wondrous, record-breaking things, Those “never-can-be-equaled” things That all the papers cite, Are not like little human things, The everyday-encountered things, The “just-because-I-like-you” things That make us happy quite. So here’s to all the little things, The “done-and-then-forgotten” things, Those “oh-it’s-simply-nothing” things, That make life worth the fight.

Copyright (c) 2017, Dennis L. Peterson

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