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“Of Making Many Books”–Another One!

Yesterday’s cache of e-mails brought one from my publisher, TouchPoint Press. That in itself is not surprising, given the soon release of my book Combat! Spiritual Lessons from Military History. But its message was a surprise. And its arrival almost stepped on the heels of that book’s marketing efforts.

I’ll cut to the chase and make this brief. TouchPoint offered me a contract to publish another of my book manuscripts. This one is tentatively titled Christ in Camp and Combat: Religious Work in the Confederate Armies. The topic had been rambling around in the back of my head for many, many years, and my research has been ongoing for even longer. Now, it seems, all of that thinking and reading and writing is coming to fruition.

Over the coming months, I’ll keep you posted on the progress that we’re making in getting it to market. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have more to do on the other book! So I’d better get busy!

Stay tuned!

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