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Something Else to Be Thankful For

Today on this blog I'm doing something a little out of character from my normal posts on history, writing, and reminiscences. I'm sharing music!

As we particularly think of things for which we're thankful this Thanksgiving weekend, this song reminds me of God's unending mercy and love for us, which I am so thankful for.

Although I'm definitely not known for my own musical talents (I have none!), I have a vested interest in this particular song because it features the talents of my youngest daughter, Stacy Connor. She and a college friend, Dave Peets, composed the music; Stacy also wrote the lyrics and does the American Sign Language interpreting; and another of Stacy's college friends, Nicole George, does the vocal.

This work conveys an important message, a message for which we should all be thankful. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any deaf friends or acquaintances, share it with them so they, too, can enjoy it. Here's the link:

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