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Tony Snipes on “Calling”

I just listened to an audio presentation by Tony Snipes, an illustrator/designer/motivational speaker whose workshop I attended at the recent Write2Ignite conference, and I thought others might enjoy and benefit from it as much as I did.

In this presentation, Snipes defines “calling,” differentiates it from career and job, and addresses the questions of whether one can miss his or her calling and, if so, how to retrieve it.

Essentially, he says that calling is your purpose or mission in life, and it never changes. It’s what one was meant to do. Career, on the other hand, is the medium by which one pursues his or her calling. It can change. A job is what one does to remain alive and meet the basic needs of life, and it can change quite often.

But can one miss his or her calling? Snipes says no, because it is always within you. The choice is whether one will pursue it.

The skeleton of Snipes’s message is found in three words: love, hate, and free. And he invites listeners to ask three questions: (1) What do I love to do? (2) What do I hate to see happening? (3) What would I do for free if I were financially independent? The answers one gives to these three questions, he says, can pinpoint for them their calling.

In my own life journey, I’ve seen his principles illustrated. As I review my life, I see that my calling has been to help educate people. That has not changed. The media or methods in which I have pursued that calling, however, have changed. The various media for my calling ranged from the traditional classroom to homeschooling to writing of articles to editing educational materials to writing of curricula to writing my own books.

I would encourage readers of my blog to visit Snipes’s site at  and see what it holds for each of them or how it might benefit their friends. It might even get you back on track if they think they might have “missing their calling.”

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