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A Productive Writer’s Retreat

Last week, I accompanied my wife to Myrtle Beach for her teachers convention. While she attended various workshops, I had my own writer’s retreat, conducting research for some writing projects, catching up on some writing-related reading, and otherwise working to improve my writing.

During my wife’s free time one afternoon, we walked the beach between showers. (I’m sorry, Myrtle Beach, but once you’ve experienced the white sands of the Gulf beaches of Southwest Florida, you’re ruined for the Atlantic beaches!) I also made a stop to promote my book Confederate Cabinet Departments and Secretaries while visiting one of the most impressive private museums of the War Between the States that I’ve ever seen.

The South Carolina Civil War Museum, Inc., at 4857 Hwy 17 Bypass South is located on the south side of Myrtle Beach. It’s on an access road beside the main highway and is in the same building as a gun shop and shooting range, so it is easy to miss, especially if traffic is heavy. But to overlook it would be your loss.

The museum interprets various aspects of the war from beginning to end. It is divided into two sections, the first part focusing on the weapons, uniforms, medicine, money, food, flags, utensils, living quarters, and much more. It also contains several wall murals painted by a Russian artist that are

admirable. The second section focuses on the end of the war, the veterans’ groups and their reunions, and memorabilia from movies made about the war, including North and South, Gettysburg, and Glory.

I am including a few snapshots from the museum displays. If you are ever in the vicinity of the Grand Strand of South Carolina, I would highly recommend taking an hour or so to visit the museum. Admission is $4 ($3 for those over 65), and it’s well worth the price. (If you want photos, be sure to take a flash. The lighting is a bit dim, as my phone photos reveal.)


I just had to include the most beautiful state flag in the nation–Tennessee’s Tri-Star, representing the three Grand Divisions of the state!


I just had to include a picture of the most beautiful state flag in the collection!

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