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Happy Boss’s Day!

I’m wondering just what I should do this Monday. I really should do something special for him, but it should be tasteful and not too expensive. And I certainly have to be careful not to let it look too self-serving or seem like brownnosing or anything like that.

Someone told me that Monday is Boss’s Day. Since I’m self-employed, I’m my own boss. So what should I do? Should I give myself the day off? Take myself out to lunch? Throw myself a party at work? Give myself a gift?

I have writing projects that I should be working on (to say nothing of bills to pay), so I can’t justify taking the whole day off. I could take myself to lunch, but it’s no fun eating by myself. Sort of hard to carry on a meaningful conversation without getting all sorts of funny looks from the fellow diners.

Throw a party? Who would come? I have no employees.

Give myself a gift? Hmm. Not a bad idea, but what do you get a guy who has everything?

Besides, my boss is such a hard guy to get along with. He always makes me get up so early. And hit the treadmill every day. And stick to such a strict schedule and routine. And he seldom gives me a day off. Nothing I ever do seems to suit him; he’s always expecting it to be done better, faster, cheaper next time. And if I, by some chance, pull off a near-miracle on a project, he expects that performance to become the norm. Why should I recognize such a crotchety old curmudgeon?

You know, I don’t think I’ll do anything for him on Monday. Instead, I’ll take my wife out for supper that night. Besides, she’s the real boss!

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