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The Congressional Medal of Honor

Tomorrow, March 25, is National Medal of Honor Day, so it’s appropriate that we consider the history of this distinguished award and honor those who have won it throughout our nation’s history.

There have been a total of 3,498 recipients of the Medal of Honor, most of which have been awarded posthumously. In addition to those awarded in the Civil War, the following major conflicts had their share:

  1. Boxer Rebellion, 58

  2. Mexican War, 55

  3. Philippine Insurrection, 84

  4. Spanish-American War, 110

  5. World War I, 127

  6. World War II, 472 (16 of those at Pearl Harbor, 27 at Iwo Jima)

  7. Vietnam War, 260

  8. Afghanistan, 14

  9. Iraq, 4

Every recipient of the nation’s highest award deserves our recognition and remembrance. For more information on the award and the stories of each recipient, check these web sites: and (e-mail

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